Apply for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) with HSBC

i A new 100% Government Guarantee Loan Scheme for up to £50k of funding is available. Click here to apply.

The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme is one of a number of different options that could support you with your needs at this time.
There may be other options available to you which are more suitable for your borrowing or cash-flow needs. This could include, for example, an alternative lending product, considering repayment holidays on existing debt or exploring other government grants/schemes available. You should consider your options carefully before applying for this loan.
Please review our full range of products at and other types of support at HSBC coronavirus support. Should you feel that another product is more suitable, the product webpages will advise on how you can apply for that product.

What can CBILS do for my business?

The CBILS can provide you with loans of up to £5m, with the first 12 months of interest covered by the government.

You can learn more about the scheme here:

British Business Bank

You will need to provide information and data, that you are able to reasonably provide at speed and we will not insist on the provision of forward looking financial information or business plans from businesses applying for CBILS. Please provide:

  • 2019 Year-End Profit and Loss statement
  • 2019 Year-End Balance Sheet
  • Year-to-date Profit and Loss statement
  • Year-to-date Balance sheet
  • If available, cash flow or Profit and Loss forecast

Your application will be reviewed by HSBC and we may contact you to ask for additional information and financial evidence. We will not ask you to provide forward looking cash flow or profit and loss forecasts but you may choose to provide these if you wish.

Please complete the form below. We will use any personal information about you and individuals connected to your business in accordance with our Privacy Notice. We use strictly necessary cookies, which we explain in our Cookies Notice.

After you submit your application, we will perform a credit check on the business as well as the individuals who are named directors (or partners) of the business. Please note that we will perform a credit check on the individuals that we currently have named on your accounts as directors (or partners). If you need to verify or update the individuals linked, please call us immediately at 03457 60 60 60. Find out more

A credit check takes a full look at your credit history and report. The credit check will leave a search footprint on your credit file (or that of the relevant individual connected to your business) and may impact your credit score. Performing several searches in a short period of time will have a greater impact on your credit score and may impact your ability to successfully secure credit or the interest rates available to you in the future.

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Indicative Pricing:
Tenor Variable Rate
Up to 3 years (inclusive) 3.49 per cent over base
Over 3 years to 6 years 3.99 per cent over base